$50,000 - $250,000 of Business Credit with 0% Interest in as little as Two Weeks

Looking to start an Amazon or e-commerce business? The opportunity to start an online business is REAL. Obtaining the money to start your business can be HARD. 

Fund&Grow can help you obtain low-interest business credit lines that do not appear on your personal credit report. There are no restrictions; you can use the credit lines for any business or real estate investing need. Click the link below to see how much money you qualify for.


Tatiana's Special Bonus Offer...

I'm excited for your new business venture and I want to make sure you never feel alone. That's why I'm going to be your coach for FREE.


When you sign up for Fund&Grow's 12-month membership through me, I will give you four consecutive months of private email coaching. 

What does this mean? Because I travel so much and I'm always in a different time zone, I cannot commit to over the phone coaching, so instead, I offer email coaching. It's an opportunity for you to send me an email once per month for four consecutive months with up to three questions. I am at your service and will help you in whatever way I can through my experience and knowledge. 

This is special because I do not offer one-on-one coaching as an a-la-carte service. So you couldn't pay me for coaching even if you wanted to. I'm only offering it to you as a special bonus for signing up with Fund&Grow. 

How To Obtain Tatiana's Private Coaching Bonus:

Step 1: Sign up for Fund&Grow's 12-month membership using THIS LINK or the big red button below. You will still qualify to receive the bonus even if you pay with the payment plan. If you register over the phone please mention that you'd like to register under Tatiana James to obtain her bonus.

Step 2: Forward the email receipt they send you to bonus@tatianajames.com and I'll confirm your registration and get you started with my bonuses. You MUST email me so that I know you registered! If you don't email me then I won't be able to coach you. 

Please note that the four months of consecutive coaching starts AFTER the 60-day refund period. I only want to coach people who are serious about their financial freedom and not people interested in signing up with the sole intention of getting free coaching from me and then refunding their membership. 



Not everyone should receive money. YOU need to know who you are. Are you responsible with your finances? If you're the person who has a hard time paying your bills every month due to overspending then THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. If you know you have money management issues then I strongly discourage you from applying for cash credit because you're going to treat that money the way you treat your existing finances and you'll end up in more debt. 

Having said that, I know that there are many people reading this who are extremely responsible with their finances and they just need some extra cash to get them started. This is for THOSE people. You can either take the money you receive with Fund&Grow and turn it into more debt due to a lack of financial intelligence OR you can use it to achieve financial freedom whether that be by investing in your business, real estate or paying off existing debts. 

What you do with the money is YOUR DECISION and I am not responsible for your finances. Please feel my heart in this message, I care for you and want to make sure that you can are willing to judge yourself honestly so that you can make an informed decision.